Glass Roofs

glass_roof_right_image-2Glass roofs are a popular feature for architects when designing luxurious and spacious homes and office buildings. The inclusion of a glass roof in your home allows light to freely enter, whilst adding to the aesthetics of your property. Glass roofs can be in any shape or size – from the normal square flat roof to slanted apex and triangle roofs. Exciting designs can be dreamt up by the designing fraternity and we will construct the glass roof to conform to the building standards.

Conservatory Roofs

In winter, when ventilators are closed, the glass roof still lets in enough light and heat to help the conservatory stay warm. This means you have dual solar control and thermal insulation, which can help your conservatory maintain a comfortable temperature whatever the conditions outside. A glass roof that combines a self-cleaning action and solar control gives you a conservatory to enjoy all year round.

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